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Anatomy of a Perfect Gift

Anatomy of a Perfect Gift

Fun fact, I hate actually gift giving. Let me be more specific, I hate obligatory gift giving. That's part of the reason I decided to open Hawkins & Clover. I found every expected occasion to gift I was filled with anxiety over sourcing a gift that was a GOOD gift that the recipient would actually want and enjoy. We have all gotten gifts that we know came out of obligation, and they just don't hit the same.

There are certain phases of life where gifting ramps up (looking at you weddings and baby showers 👀). You may even find yourself, god forbid, in a gift opening circle (pass). We all do it, we sum up everyone else's gifts. "wow that was over the top", "jeez did they even try", "hmm how does mine compare". It's awful. 

So I asked myself what made a gift a GOOD gift? That answer will fluctuate from person to person, but for me I knew that what I was gifting was a reflection of me and my values, and I wanted to feel good about my choices. 

I narrowed down 3 core values. 

  • Not on Amazon. Pretty simple, I don't want it to look like your gift was a last minute prime purchase.
  • Mindfully made. Whether its organic, eco friendly, etc, I knew quality of production was important. 
  • Minority owned. I want the goods I purchase to be from real people who feel the impact of my purchase over a big box company. 

You'll see these values reflected in all the brands I choose to carry in the shop. Of course from time to time you may see something that falls outside these parameters that will make the perfect gift, and that's ok! It was important to me to create a one stop shop where you can purchase items from makers that are thoughtful and intentional. 

We'd love to hear about your favorite gifts to give or receive, as your input always inspires our sourcing. 

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