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5 Reasons You Need a Gifting Drawer

5 Reasons You Need a Gifting Drawer

We’ve all been there, you’ve got an event to go to and you totally forgot to grab a gift. You don’t want to show up empty handed, but you also don’t want to show up with something that was clearly an afterthought. Enter the gifting drawer. Set your future self up for success by establishing a drawer, box, or bin that you store gift options in year round. Keep reading for 5 reasons you really do need a gifting drawer. 


First off, what IS a gifting drawer? This is a drawer you collect gifts and gift related items in. Maybe it's June and you’re on a trip in Italy but see the perfect gift for your friend who’s birthday isn’t until November, that's ok! Buy it, and put it in the gifting drawer. Did you run across a sale on greeting cards from an artist or shop you love? Pop them in the drawer, you’ll find an occasion for them. Once you’ve built up a stash of items you truly love you’ll be ready and excited for your next occasion to gift. 


  1. Eliminate stress. Gifting those that are important to us shouldn’t be stress inducing, but sometimes it just is. Knowing you have a go to selection of solid options eliminates any last minute scrambling.
  2. Save time. Think about how much time and gas you’ve wasted running around for one gift at a time. If you’re already out and see something that would make a good hostess gift, just grab it and add it to your drawer, no need for a separate trip.
  3. Give better gifts. Items you curate while you’re relaxed and inspired will naturally be better than whatever last minute Target or Amazon option you could come up with.
  4. Appear more thoughtful. Imagine presenting a dinner party host with a cheese knife you snagged in Copenhagen. They are going to feel so special. Does it matter you bought half a dozen of them and they are your go-to hostess gift of the year? No it does not.
  5. Save money. We’ve all overpaid out of convenience. When you’re short on time you pay for it, literally. (we’re looking at you expedited shipping). With a gifting drawer you can grab items you love while they are on sale saving you tons in the long run. 


But wait, isn’t this impersonal? NO! It’s smart and efficient, don’t you want to be both of those things? Your recipient doesn’t need to know you grabbed their candle from a drawer 5 minutes before running out of the house, but even if they do, as long as you love the candle and bought it with intention, what difference does it make? 


Always remember, Hawkins & Clover exists to relieve you of any gifting stress. If you don’t have a gifting drawer set up, you can always pop over to our website and we will wrap and ship your item with care on your behalf, making you look like the thoughtful rockstar that you are. 

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