Mixly | Grapefruit Jalapeño Mixer


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Want a little pep in your cocktail? With just a hint of heat, this refreshing citrus concoction pairs perfectly with tequila, vodka, or make it a mocktail with soda water.

Our Grapefruit Jalapeño Mixer is made simply with grapefruit, water, lime, honey and jalapeño.

* Handcrafted with Fresh Ingredients: The key to any good cocktail is the ingredients. That’s why Mixly starts with high-quality, natural ingredients, fresh squeezed juices and honey to bring you a unique and refreshing cocktail experience.
* Sweetened with Honey: No cane sugar or artificial sweeteners here! Mixly Jalapeno Grapefruit is made with all natural honey for the perfect touch of sweetness.


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