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The Isle de Nature candle vessel is made to last forever. Remember when families owned treasured heirlooms? Beautiful, built to last pieces that held their value, emotional and financial, and were kept safe until it was time to pass on to the next generation?

We miss that too.

No two pieces are alike. Each vessel is handmade in the USA of beautiful translucent clay. When lit, the candle gently illuminates from within to reveal the delicate honeycomb pattern within, a masterfully crafted homage to honeybees created by world-renowned designer Joe Doucet.

Consider your purchase a small investment. When your candle is finished, save your vessel and upcycle it!

The Details
Size: 10.5 ounces, 300 grams
Vegetarian and cruelty-free
Burn time: about 40 hours
Wick: double and made of cotton
Packaging: made in the USA
Made in United States of America

About Isle De Nature:
Isle De Nature was born out of the recognition that today, unspoiled nature is a luxury. So, starting in 2020 in Sheffield, Massachusetts, the eco friendly and handmade brand Isle De Nature set out with the belief that there is a better way to live, that nature and luxury can live harmoniously, that when humans take from nature, they should replenish it.


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