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Hey Girl is a crowd favorite, guaranteed to keep the conversations lively. Cool, fresh cucumber with muddled mint and lime make the perfect drink for everything from garden parties to lazy afternoons. It mixes well with any clear spirit, and even makes a killer mocktail.

Each 16 oz bottle makes 10 cocktails

Fresh Lime Juice, Cucumber, Mint, Water, Pure Cane Sugar

Cool, Crisp, Refreshing

Tequila, Gin, Vodka, Rum, Soda Water

Serving Size / 1.5 oz
Servings Per Container / 10
Calories / 60
Calories from Fat / 0
Total Fat / 0 / Daily Value / 0%
Saturated Fat / 0 / Daily Value 0%
Sodium / 0 mg / Daily Value 0%
Carbohydrates / 14 g / Daily Value 5%
Sugars / 14 g
Protein / 0 g

About Withco:
Based in Nashville, Withco hand makes each cocktail mix using only fresh, flavorful ingredients with no preservatives or additives. Since their founding in 2015, Withco has been doing all the work for you so when you gather with your guests you can make a single cocktail or a pitcher of cocktails in seconds so you have more time to share with the good company around you.

1 review for Withco | Hey Girl

  1. James Herdt

    I’m a cocktail person. I like to make my own, I like good bartenders who make them for me, I love cocktails. I was a little skeptical of the withco cocktail mixes because I typically avoid premade mixes. I’m a snob, I’m not proud of it, but there it is. That said, this is excellent. It’s refreshing, it goes down faster than you’d expect, I tried with several different gins and vodkas.. it was good regardless. My wife hates gins, loves a Hey Girl with gin. My recommendation is to stick with gin over vodka. If you don’t like gin, use something like Empress 1908 (it comes out periwinkle and it’s tasty). If you like gin, Hendricks mixes with this real well.

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