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Using plant medicine as a natural aphrodisiac, this Lube/massage oil promotes relaxation, increases blood flow and heightens sensation.
With the use of infused coconut oil, a blend of natural oils & a blend of organic cocoa butters, Bhang Butta is vegan and edible. Fresh rosemary has been infused for women’s PH balance, lavender has been infused for relaxation and Jasmine as an aphrodisiac.
To use, insert about a dime sized amount into your vagina & rub about the same amount on everything important. Allow 15-20 minutes to pass before any feeling.

About BreadxButta:
BreadxButta is a Brooklyn based brand focused on fusing traditional Caribbean / Puerto Rican home remedies with organic healing products. Lynsey Ayala, Owner and Curandera of BreadxButta is a 2nd generation NuYorican from the Bronx. She created BxB in September, 2015 as a way to bridge her fine art background with her deep love for traditional plant medicine. Every product is created with family recipes, home grown hemp and gratitude to her Taino ancestors.


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