Alleyoop | Bottoms Up – Water-Based Body Cleansing Cloths


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These water-based wipes are for when you need a little extra love down there, or anywhere else on your body. Great for sweaty workouts, and that long day that turned into a long night that turned into morning, bottoms up wipes have you covered. And yes, they’re fragrance-free, flushable, and biodegradable.

Each box comes with 30 wipes
16.5 x 8.5 x 7 cm.

About Alleyoop:
Alleyoop was created in Los Angeles in 2019. They believe in doing more with less with their eco-friendly, travel-friendly beauty line. Alleyoop is redefining and bringing self-care back down to earth. So clear your counter, lighten your makeup bag and simplify your routine – it’s time to do more you!


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