Hali Hali | Reusable Cutlery Set – Brush & Blocks Pink


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Portable and convenient to use, each reusable cutlery set has a cotton roll-up pouch hand painted in the Hali Hali Savannah Georgia studio. This cutlery set a perfect for travel, office lunch, camping, and picnics.

This set includes:
1 Bamboo Knife
1 Bamboo Spoon
1 Bamboo Fork
1 Reusable Straw
1 Straw Cleaning Brush
1 Hand Painted Carrying Case

Cutlery sets are hand – painted in Savannah Ga.

About Hali Hali:
Local brand Hali Hali is based in Savannah, Georgia and was created in 2019. Marrying Scandinavian simplicity and American bohemian sensibilities, Hali Hali is about the unusual and delightful results found when mixing two very different elements.


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