About the Shop

Hawkins & Clover was founded in 2014 by Atlanta native Erika Audrey. Erika, a hairdresser by vocation, originally opened the business as her dream salon. It quickly grew as an Atlanta cult favorite, winning Best Salon ITP (inside the perimeter) after being open for only 6 months. The intimate nature of the space lent itself to a unique and different salon experience, allowing for deep connection with customers that had them leaving as their best selves. An avid traveler in her free time, Erika found herself being drawn back repeatedly to Amsterdam. In particular meandering through the streets of the Jordaan, popping into charming and original boutiques unlike anything she had seen back home. When she entered these businesses, she found her equivalent of what she had been providing her customers at H&C, she left as her best self. In 2020 she decided to pivot her business and transform her space into a gift shop inspired by the shops she adores so much abroad, knowing she would be able to connect with an even broader audience in a meaningful way. Although Erika still takes a select list of clients, she has halted her salon services to focus on this new creation.

Now at H&C you can visit the delicately curated space to find an ever-evolving collection of unique and interesting items. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or seeking the perfect gift, the staff at the shop can point you in the right direction and compose a lovely gift that is sure to wow. Gifts and items are also available online and can be shipped nationwide.

About Erika, Owner.

Erika lives in o4w with her rescue dogs, redbone coonhound Archer and Catahoula leopard dog Luna. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, long drives in the mountains, playing the guitar, and anything comedy. She’s an avid reader and a bit obsessed with political and true crime podcasts. She’s known for an annual solo adventure trip and has found herself in quite a few pickles throughout the world. Ask her about the time she cycled down Death Road in Bolivia!