Welcoming Pleasure to H&C

The Atlanta summer is almost in full blast and things are heating up in the shop as well! This month we are introducing a new product category – Pleasure. Like everything we do here at Hawkins & Clover, we are only bringing you the best of the best. This means that when you shop at H&C, you now have access to some top tier Personal Pleasure items.

Personal Pleasure sounds great, but why?

Gone are the days of visiting the local “adult store” in your baseball cap and trench coat, avoiding eye contact, being overwhelmed with the plethora of items available only to leave feeling more than a little disappointed. We believe that female pleasure and a women’s sexual health should not be a taboo subject, it’s not something to whisper about and it’s 100% something that deserves a real discussion. So, H&C is taking the first step in trying to bring female pleasure out of the shadows and into the light by providing a safe and welcoming space for ANYONE looking to dive into the world of self love, self care and self pleasure. 

What can you expect from H&C?

When you come into H&C for your personal needs you can expect to find top of the line, quality products that we promise will put a smile on your face at the end of the day. Our Pleasure category will start small but we will continue to add only the highest quality products as it grows.


The first line of personal pleasure items we are introducing to the shop comes from Lora DiCarlo. Founded in 2017 and named after its founder, Lora DiCarlo is a female owned and operated brand committed to creating “a world where all humans can embrace their sexuality with positivity and confidence.” We highly suggest visiting their website to learn more about this neat brand. Be sure to read about how they won a coveted robotics innovation award from the Consumer Technology Association for the original Osé design only to have it rescinded.. crazy, right?  OR read more about how Lora (founder) and Cara Delevingne (co-owner/creative director) are working together to push boundaries in the sexual wellness community.  Needless to say, we adore Lora DiCarlo and love that their mission to destigmatize sexuality aligns so closely with our own mission! It also helps that all their products are “engineered to be inclusive, user-friendly, and most importantly, mind-blowing. They combine innovative technology with beautiful design to delight you in the moment and inspire you to keep exploring your sexual wellbeing.” We honestly can’t say enough good things about this brand! 

Partnering with the Sex Workers Project

Along with the addition of this new Pleasure category we are partnering with the Sex Workers Project. SWP is an organization that actively offers legal advocacy to survivors of human trafficking and people who engage in sex work, regardless of whether they do so by choice, circumstance, or coercion.

We fully support a woman’s right to her body and all that entails. We’re also acutely aware that there are women and children who have had that right taken away through human trafficking or through laws specifically targeting sex workers. One thing we wholeheartedly believe in at H&C is giving back where it counts and helping where we can. That’s why when you buy items from our Pleasure category, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Sex Workers Project.

Make sure you read our next blog post where we go into more detail about the Sex Workers Project, our partnership with them and why we chose the SWP.

Thanks for checking in! Be sure to check out the Osé 2 and the Baci on our website or stop by the shop and see them for yourself! You can also shop our Pleasure category online to see all the other products we have available. Stay tuned for new pleasure products in the future.

*Due to unforeseen issues, parts of this article have been edited to more accurately represent where H&C’s donations will be sent.