Our Perfect Picnic Essentials (Non-Food Related!)

With summer coming to a close and with fall quickly approaching, Georgia is beginning to cool off. It’s still on the warm side but not so hot that we’re dying and we can actually enjoy our time outside making it the absolute perfect time for a picnic.

Picnic’s are one of our specialties here at Hawkins & Clover and while I absolutely adore food, there is so much more to a truly enjoyable picnic! I am going to share with you my Perfect (Non-Food) Picnic Essentials to get you ready for this fall.

1. The Basket

Your picnic basket is one of the most important pieces in any picnic situation. Whether you are keeping it simple with a canvas bag and a cooler or you go a little fancier with a true basket  (plus a cooler), you want to make sure you are using something that’s a quality product and will keep all your goodies safe! 

We absolutely love this Eco Friendly Picnic Basket. This basket is not only adorable, but as the title suggests, it is also eco friendly which we LOVE! The hand woven willow basket comes equipped with bamboo fiber plates, bamboo utensils, a bamboo cutting board and wine goblets made from recycled glass to serve four (also available in a two person basket). So whatever you are packing food wise, this basket’s got you covered!


2. The Blanket

So you have something to carry your food but now you actually have to put the food – and yourself –  somewhere to actually enjoy it. This is where the blanket comes in. The right blanket is absolutely essential to an enjoyable picnic experience. I am sure we have all had a picnic or a day in the park or beach where we lay out a cute blanket only for it to feel slightly damp shortly after. There is an easy remedy for this icky situation, use a blanket with a waterproof backing! So obvious right? 

Now, a lot of the waterproof picnic blankets out there can get pretty bulky and basic which is never fun when you’re already hauling a bunch of other things into the park. Boy, do we have the solution for you! Enter the Tartan Blanket Co. and their beautiful picnic blankets.

We are head over heels in love with these blankets. From the cutest company based in Edinburgh Scotland, these picnic blankets are made from recycled wool, which in and of itself is fairly water resistant and washes up so easily, and back with a waterproof lining. You get to keep the chic and cozy look of a wool blanket with the protection of a waterproof barrier between you and the ever moist earth! Plus, for easy carrying, the Tartan Blanket Co. made these absolutely lovely carrying straps for the blanket that keep it tidy, compact, and makes it easy to hang onto during your travels. That’s what we call a win-win-win here at Hawkins & Clover.

3. The Chair

If you’re like me, you enjoy the idea of sitting out on the grass – or blanket – while enjoying your time outside, but in reality, your back begins to ache just thinking about sitting on the ground for too long. Yet again, there is such an easy fix to this. . . a picnic chair. I am not talking about those aluminum folding chairs you take to the lake or use to watch fireworks in the summer, I am talking about a bonafide picnic chair, created and built for picnic-ing! 

The perfect picnic chair will be lightweight with some sort of strap so that it is easy to carry. Lucky for ya’ll, I know the PERFECT chair for your picnic needs! Check out this functional yet aesthetically pleasing Rattan Picnic Chair. Not only does it meet the ‘easy to carry’ criteria but it also sits close to ground so you can keep that picnic vibe without sacrificing your spine. I honestly couldn’t ask for more from this stunning chair and I know it’ll be just as lovey for you!

4. The Games

To round out your perfect picnic, we always suggest that you bring along some games to make a full event of it! Adding games to your picnic can be as easy as throwing a deck of cards in your basket. For extra fun and to work on your language skills, you can opt for a Lingo card deck,  available from H&C in four languages. You can also up your game by bringing a frisbee or even a corn hole set! Honestly, it doesn’t have to be anything elaborate because even the most simple game can bring a lot of additional fun to your picnic. 

Perfect Picnic Time

Now that you have the essentials down, grab some food and friends and head out to your local park and enjoy this fall weather! We just urge that you remember to be courteous and clean up after yourself whether your hiking to your picnic or lounging in the park. 

Just so you know- all the items featured in this blog (and other picnic items) are available for purchase on our website. BUT if you aren’t ready to invest in a full picnic set up, we have multiple picnic packages available to RENT! Just visit the Picnic tab on our website or give us a call for more information. 

Happy Fall Ya’ll!