Meet the Ladies of H&C

April marked a year since Hawkins & Clover relaunched as a gift shop while the month of May marked a year since I (Logan)  joined the Hawkins & Clover duo. So, in light of these awesome anniversaries for H&C, Erika and I thought it was time everyone got to know the two of us a little bit better. You can get to know us a bit on the “Our Story” page of our website, but I’ll give you a quick recap before we move onto the fun questions.


A Georgia native, Erika lives in o4w with her sweet rescue dogs, Archer and Luna. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, long drives in the mountains, playing guitar and anything comedy related. She’s an avid reader and just a little obsessed with political and true crime podcasts. She’s known by family and friends for annual solo trip which has gotten her into a few pickles around the world.



Having grown up all over the US, I recently moved to the Atlanta area with my cat Milo and we have loved our time here so far! I spend my free time reading, getting sucked into TV shows/movies and cooking with my furry sidekick. As the world is opening up again, I have found myself exploring more of Georgia and the city of Atlanta in my spare time as well. Like Erika, I have a deep seeded passion for travel and can’t wait for my next adventure.

Ask Us Anything


Two truths & a lie


​I sang in the Atlanta Opera

I cycled Death Road in Bolivia

I was an amateur race car driver


I am a certified SCUBA diver

I have lived in seven different states and 11+ different cities

I speak four languages

What’s your most memorable travel experience?


Erika: I went on a snowmobiling excursion in Finnish Lapland and drank hot chocolate at “the most peaceful border in the world,” where Norway, Finland and Sweden meet. This checked all my boxes, driving something fun and fast, beautiful landscapes and not having to talk to strangers.


Logan: While I was living in Romania I had the chance to take a nine day trip with a few of the girls I was living with. We decided to take advantage of the Eurorail system. Italy was our first stop so, we flew from Iasi to Rome where we spent a day or so seeing the big sights. Then took a train to Florence and stayed for about two lovely days before taking the next train to Venice in the morning. We spent the day in Venice before boarding a sleeper train and making the 17+ hour ride from Italy to Kraków, Poland. Luckily, most of that ride was overnight so we killed a lot of the time sleeping. After about two days in Kraków we hopped on the train yet again to make our way to Budapest, Hungary where we spent the remainder of our trip. Those were the longest but most incredible nine days of my life! I saw so much history and beauty during that trip and had the chance to meet really neat people while enjoying amazing food. What more can a girl hope for?

If you had one month off work and $20,000, what would you do? 

Erika: I happen to know exactly what I would do! Fly to Paris, acclimate to the time zone, stay somewhere swank and eat a nice meal. Then I would take the train to Moscow where I’d connect to the Trans-Siberian Rail. From there I would take that train journey all the way to Beijing (first class duh, I’m only doing this once). From Beijing I’d fly to LA – rent a Targa and drive to Napa for dinner at French Laundry. Then fly back to Atlanta. Around the world in a month!

Logan: I would head straight to the UK. I would start with three days in Wales to see Conway Castle and the coastline before heading to England for six days where I would enjoy afternoon tea in London, see a show at West End then make stops in Bath (pre-London) and Liverpool before picking up a camper van in Manchester. With my camper van, I would head up to Scotland where I would spend nine days exploring Edinburgh, Fairy Glen and Isle of the Skye and Loch Ness. My van and I would spend the next nine days in Ireland visiting the Cliffs of Moher, the Galway Cathedral, Blarney Castle and anything else I could manage to see. Of course, I would be eating and drinking at a billion pubs along the way. For my last three days, I would fly to Iceland where I would dive the continental divide. I would spend the next day at the Blue Lagoon recovering before I could fly back to Atlanta!

If you had to live in one post apocalyptic world, which would it be?

Erika: Walking Dead 100%. I think I would be a great asset to my group. I’d love to put my zombie kicking skills to the test.

Logan: Normally I would probably also say The Walking Dead because I was so incredibly obsessed with the comics and TV series. However, after a lot of internal debate, I think I would opt for more of a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy vibe. I’ll happily live out my days exploring crazy planets and meeting Aliens after Earth is demolished.  

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Erika: Hmm this is a tie between mansplainers and people who drive slow af in the left-hand lane. Honorable mention to people with no table etiquette.  

Logan: Aside from a handful of random things I find annoying, my biggest pet peeve has to be hearing people eat/chew or seeing people chew with their mouths open. This is why I tend to enjoy eating by myself or in a loud restaurant. 

What is your favorite product or brand in the shop and why?

Erika: This is such a tough question! I obviously like everything here but if I HAD to pick one thing, it would have to be our Delta-8 Gummies. These are OURS so it’s extra rewarding to be part of the creation process from start to finish. It’s been such a pleasure seeing how positively people have responded to them – we can’t wait to expand the line and offer more!

Logan: I would have to agree with Erika – our D8 gummies really are so awesome – but in order not to echo what she said I would have to say the Poppy & Pout lip balm is my next favorite brand/product. As a perpetually dehydrated lady, my lips are always dry. The Poppy & Pout balm is so great and it is literally the only lip balm I use anymore.

That’s a Wrap!

Now you know a little bit more about the ladies of Hawkins & Clover. The least year has been so crazy for the world and for us here at H&C but we have embraced these changes and couldn’t be happier with our progress. We have put so much time and heart into this shop to create the ideal gifting experience and we hope that our personalities shine through in all that we do. And of course, we wouldn’t be here without our awesome patrons and supporters so thank YOU for your continued support and confidence – everything we do is with you in mind!

Make sure you stop by the shop and say hi the next time you’re in the Atlanta area. 

XO, The Ladies of H&C