May’s Featured Brand: Seedlings

While Earth Day is only a single day (April 22nd), we love being earth conscious and proactive in everything we do here at Hawkins & Clover. Because we believe sustainability is so important, we wanted extend our eco-friendly focus into the month of May. For this months Featured Brand we decided to highlight one of the many eco-friendly brand we carry here in the shop! While we are only featuring one brand, you can still check out all of our eco-friendly brands in store or online. Also be sure to check out our Earth Day blog post to learn more about some of our other sustainable and eco-friendly brands. 


This quirky brand was born in Clinton, Massachusetts in 2018 out of the idea that “snail mail is the best mail and that paper is here to stay.” Honestly, with how adorable and eco-friendly these cards are, it’s nearly impossible to disagree. We love Seedlings cards for a plethora of reasons but these are our big two:

1. Seedlings has some of the most unique and creative cards that we carry here at H&C. They literally have a card for any and every occasion you could possibly think of. Have a coworker with a birthday coming up? Try the Animal Show card. Your sister just got an exciting promotion at work? Amazing, give her the Roaring Success card. Just want to remind your bestie how awesome they are? Perfect, give them the Born Cool card.


2. Seedlings cards are more than just awesome cards, they double as an actual gift for any plant loving friend or family member you have. Every Seedling card comes with a handmade envelope that is made of compostable paper and infused with non-invasive wildflower seeds! Simply “plant” the envelope after opening – the paper will compost away leaving behind the seeds and eventually you’ll have a handful of lovely wildflowers! 


Super easy, with the prettiest reward. Seriously, what’s not to love? Be sure to shop the rest of our Seedlings cards in our Brick & Mortar or online.


This month we talked to Libby Llanso, the Creative Director for Seedlings and she told us all about what inspires her and the Seedlings team to create such enjoyable and earth friendly products!

On a Personal Note

H&C: What would you do if you won a million dollars?

Libby: If I won a million dollars I’d love to create a foundation to bring yoga, mindfulness, art, and physical activities to children across the country that don’t have the opportunities to find these avenues! I’m a yoga teacher and artist at heart and I’d love to be able to give back more!!

H&C: What is a social cause that you care about? 

Libby: Woah this question. If I asked my friends to answer this about me they’d laugh and say “I don’t know say them all?”

I’m pretty passionate to just create a world that is guided with love and doing good for our earth and all its people, animals, and living breathing things that inhabit it. I love and support organizations in climate change, racial injustice, prison reform, LGBTQ+ rights, gun control, [and] healthcare.

Some organizations I love are the Loveland foundation, Everytown, BLM, and the list could just keep on going and going. I find it really important to just be active in whatever way you can give, whether it’s educating family members, bringing awareness to something to an audience on social media or in a class you teach, donating if you can, just helping create a safe space for all even [if] somedays that’s just giving the homeless people in my community a smile and a few dollars or a peanut butter sandwich.

H&C: What’s your craziest travel story?

Libby: Oof I love this question as I sit here craving to travel again. I have so many travel stories it’s so hard to pick one that is the craziest! So I guess I’ll give you three little ones (I don’t know if they’re crazy but they’re ones to remember!)

1. So I photoshopped a ferry ticket (oops sorry Phi Phi Islands Ferry) to change the date of our trip, when I booked the tickets for the wrong day…am I incriminating myself maybe a tiny bit, but I had paid for the tickets, just got on the ferry a few days early! Let’s just say my anxiety of handing over our printed out piece of paper to the man working at the dock was sky high…I guess it was a lesson to always double check your dates!

2. A group of my friends and I decided to hike to the Buddha in Hong Kong on Lantau Island. I had really horrible directions from google and was under the assumption I knew what I was guiding everyone on…about 10+ miles of stairs later, we had no food except for dried mango (I was a horrible guide). But let me tell you as we went up one mountain to just have to back down the valley and then up another mountain, I kept our spirits alive encouraging that we were almost there (we never were) but we did make it! I think I was the only one that wanted to hike it back, I was fully outnumbered…

3. And the last story, maybe not as good crazy, but I fell into a hole on the streets of Seminyak in Bali. I’m talking like foot was the perfect size of the hole (I’m a size 4 in women’s, tiny little feet I’ve got). Moments before dropping all the way down to my thigh, being saved by a lovely wooden stack that just barely cut the skin of my stomach, my sister had jokingly said as we passed a “Hospital” gosh I really hope none of us get hurt… *cue Libby falling deep into a hole…

H&C: Who’s your favorite comedian?

Libby: This is a tough question, it definitely changes often but answering right now in this moment I’d have to say Tina Fey, I just have such a respect for her and she literally always makes me laugh! Whether it’s watching an old episode of SNL or watching a show she wrote or worked on!

H&C: Do you have any unique skills/talents?

Libby: Is eating a family size bag of chips in under 10 minutes a skill? (just say yes)

H&C: Do you have any unique hobbies?

Libby: I don’t know if it’s necessarily a “hobby” as I have a full undergraduate degree in, but it’s kind of become a hobby as I’m now working full time at Seedlings, but I am a fibers artist! So I love to knit, weave, naturally dye yarn, create textures all that kind of fun stuff! I love making sweaters, wall hanging and blankets and you can often find me doing something related to fibers in my hours off. You can even find me teaching knitting classes virtually!

Down to Business

H&C: Tell us your “Origin Story” – What made you who you are today & how does that translate into your business? 

Libby: I grew up in a tiny little apple orchard town in Massachusetts. My parents and aunts and uncles embarked on this journey of taking old book covers, left over from my grandfather’s business Dunn and Co, and converting them into coasters! Through this grew Legacy Publishing Group. To say I grew up in a family business seems like a perfect way to tell my origin story. When all of my friends would spend their summers off from school going to camp or traveling I often found myself alongside my siblings and cousins working for our parents, but I lived for it, this was no punishment, I used to LOVE going to work (still do!).

We would file folders, work at our little store, help pick art out, pack orders, and sometimes (my most dreaded activity) answer phones! I knew who our artists were, I knew the prices, I knew where everything was in the warehouse, I felt like I could have run the business at 13 years old (I could not have in anyway shape or form). And the best part was that I had money to spend on a new Abercrombie Tshirt (let’s be honest my mom still bought me everything, but hey a girl can feel independent when she purchases her first Tshirt).

Fast forward to my days of deciding to go to an Art School for College. It was inevitable I had been surrounded by nothing but art for almost all of my life. Packing up my life and moving to Savannah, GA just felt like such the right move. After spending four full years at SCAD I found other avenues outside of art and media in the yoga and holistic world.

My cousins started Seedlings and as I entered into the job world I felt so aligned to come and join them on this venture I had had the honor of being a part of as an intern in the summers. I feel like my childhood, my college experience, my yoga, and wanting to do good for the world (plant-based friend over here!) found me to Seedlings because it aligns with so many things I align with. I love getting to write verses that are so “Libby” whether they be sassy, sweet, or a little “yogi”

H&C: What inspired your brand name?

Libby: My cousin’s came up with our brand name from the idea that we wanted to be the “sprout” off of our Parents’ company. Being this sprout meant taking what they were doing in the stationery world and making it us! So with some thinking, some watering, some sunshine we sprouted into “Seedlings” (and what better name for the company with plantable seed paper packaging!)

H&C: What is one thing you would want people to know about your brand? 

Libby: I think the one thing that I would want people to know about our brand is that our goal is to spread wildflowers across the nation, to reduce waste, and to keep snail mail alive one seed paper envelope at a time!

H&C: What are you most proud of in your business and in your personal life?

Libby: In our business I am most proud of the growth that our little sprout has had! We are so proud to not only be in some bigger retailers but also in ALL of the incredible beautiful shops! I am always just so honored to see our little sprout gracing the shelves of such incredible spaces! It’s so cool too to see us flourishing in other avenues too! We dipped our toes into the world of candles and essential oil rollerballs this year and my heart just feels so happy every time I see someone choosing our little sprout!

In my own personal life I’m pretty proud of showing up as myself wherever I go and consciously choosing me! I’ve spent a lot of my life trying to fit in or choosing to do things to please others and I’ve recently just decided to show up as unapologetically this imperfectly perfect human being I am. And I think this translates well into where Seedlings has been going for the past couple of years!

The Takeaway

All in all, Seedlings is just an adorable, quirky and fun brand. Cards have always been a staple in any gift giving situation. These Seedlings cards give you a little extra somethin’ somethin’ which makes them a no brainer addition to any gift. As always, you can shop these products in-store or online so don’t forget to add one to your next gift!