March’s Featured Brand: Meet Katie Leamon

We carry so many wonderful brands here at Hawkins & Clover that we wanted our readers and customers to get to know them a little bit better. So, each month, we will do a Featured Brand on the blog so you can get to know the faces and stories behind some of your favorite brands!

Katie Leamon

Founded in 2010, Katie Leamon is female owned and family run card and stationary business based in London. They are one of the three card and stationary brands that we carry here at Hawkins & Clover. From their scatter cards, to their flat lay notebooks and luxury pencil sets, Katie Leamon’s items are simply swoon worthy.


The light and fresh colors of the Katie Leamon brand coupled with fun yet simple designs give an end product that we like to consider “fresh luxury”. With such a wide range of cards to choose from you can send your coworker a simple “thank you” note, help your bestie celebrate they birthday in style, or just let someone know you think they’re “the best”. Not only are all of the Katie Leamon products lovely, but they are also eco friendly and every card is hand printed in London for an extra personal touch. 

This month we had the chance to get to know the brand’s namesake, Katie Leamon, a little bit better. Keep on reading to learn more about Katie herself and what inspired such a great card and stationary brand!


On a Personal Note

H&C: What would you do if you won a million dollars?

KATIE: I’d make sure we booked a really extravagant, no expense paid trip. Maybe to Yosemite National Park or New Zealand, or Africa and take the boys on a Safari. But following that I would actually be pretty practical and get a bigger house with a nice big home studio in the garden.

H&C: What’s your craziest travel story?

KATIE: When I finished Uni, myself and 3 friends backpacked across Africa and we got ourselves in some pretty sticky situations. We broke down in a game park and had to abandon our vehicle, that was also missing a door and wait for a bus! It was a tense hour wait!

H&C: Who’s your favorite comedian?

KATIE: I’m a big fan of the US Office, so I would say Steve Carrell and the UK equivalent, David Brent.

Down to Business

H&C: What inspired your brand name? 

KATIE: That’s an easy one for me…. It’s just my name. My surname is pronounced lemon, like the fruit, which a lot of people don’t know.

H&C: Tell us your “Origin Story” – What made you who you are today & how does that translate into your business?

KATIE: I come from a large family in a small village in the English countryside. I grew up around nature and with a very curious creativity. I always loved making things, baking things and appreciated patterns and colours from a young age.

I had always had a deep rooted desire to work for myself, I wanted the freedom to see a design through from idea to end product, rather than hand over the process. Family was fundamental to me, so idealistically when I launched my business a large part of the drive was so I could later mould my work around my life and later my family. That translates directly to how I now work with my Partner, Ruairi. We currently work from home around our two young boys and my mum and sister also work alongside us.

In terms of branding and values, this also is born from our family narrative. We are all very attentive to our customer’s needs, we go above and beyond to ensure we provide excellent service you would expect from a small family team. Our brand aims to visualise this through tangible quality, personal product and a sense of warmth that comes from our products.

H&C: What is one thing you would want people to know about your brand?

KATIE: That we are a family team, and that we really care, we will do everything in our power to ensure our customers experience is personal, tangible and warm.

H&C: What is a social cause that you care about?

KATIE: I am very conscious about the footprint we leave in this world. I aim to ensure nothing we do it sourced from unsustainable sources. We always use sustainable or fully recycled paper stock and we source locally wherever possible and always within the UK for our own line. We made a pledge to be Plastic Free by 2020 in all our production and packaging and I’m proud to say we achieved this.

H&C: What are you most proud of in your business and in your personal life?

KATIE: Business wise I’m most proud of how adaptable we are and how far we have come. I think back to the early days and I didn’t have much confidence in my business sense, but to be honest we have got further trusting our gut and being true to our product and ourselves. If something hasn’t felt right, it turned out to not be right, and no amount of business school will teach you that instinct. We have kept things small intentionally, with a desire to not lose that personal touch and our hand printed methods, and I’m proud of where we stand today with a strong brand identity in the business. Its that core value that has got us through the hard times and kept us going and I’m forever proud of how we have come through those hard times. Another very specific moment was the launch of our Pop Up shop in late 2019 – it was quite literally a dream come true that came together as I had imagined for 10 years. I was very proud on opening night.

On a personal level, our two boys Baloo & Woody. They are our greatest achievements without a doubt. Lockdown has been hard to juggle them alongside the business all in a small house, but the moments spent together over the last year will be the thing we remember most.

Now what?

Well now you know a little bit more about this great brand and the genuinely awesome person that is Katie Leamon! We hope that by getting to know the people and stories behind our shop brands you’ll be able to see just how important it is to shop small and to shop local. When you shop small, you are no longer supporting nameless mill/billionaires. Instead, you are supporting individuals and families like Katie’s!

While Katie Leamon may be based in London, you can still support her brand and your local economy by buying through our shop right here in Grant Park (Atlanta, GA). So if you want to shop Katie Leamon and support the ladies here at H&C, be sure to visit our website!

Be sure to check in next month for April’s Featured Brand!