July Faves

6 Fun and Popular Gifts to Get You Through July

WithCo Agave Cocktail Mix:

What it is? A margarita mix that actually tastes good! This mix is simple and delicious featuring agave nectar, fresh squeezed lime juice, and orange oil. Bonus points for being handmade in Nashville, TN.

Pro tip- Mix with equal parts tequila and mezcal with a splash of your favorite sparkling water!

WithCo | Agave Margarita


Poppy & Pout Lip Balms:

What is it? 100% natural and cruelty free lip care. Hand made with clean and minimal ingredients in to die for flavors. 

Pro tip- Apply under your face masks to keep your lips hydrated. Colorless formula eliminates makeup stains on the mask! 

Poppy and Pout | Pink Grapefruit Lip Balm


Ryan Porter Tie Dye Face Masks:

What are they? Handmade washable cotton tie dye face masks. Like little snowflakes each mask is unique.

Pro tip- If masks bother your ears, try taking a hair clip and sweeping the mask loops back into your hair with the clip. Problem solved! 

Ryan Porter | Highlighter Tie Dye Mask


Alleyoop Slow Your Roll Deodorant:

What it is? An aluminum, paraben, and cruelty free formula that is also vegan and all natural. Added bonus? It slows hair growth over time. Yep you read that right. 

Pro tip- If you’re new to aluminum free deodorant you’ll have to endure a transition period as your body adjusts to the new formula. (Real talk you may stink but bear with it because it’s only temporary!). What better time to make the switch than during quarantine? 

Alleyoop | Slow Your Roll – Sage


Leif Tomato & Wild Herb Candle:

What it is? A 21oz. soy-paraffin wax blend candle with a wood wick and 110 hour burn time. It smells like the freshest green spring garden. Savory, fresh and unexpected. 

Pro tip- This one smells especially great in the kitchen. Keep it by the sink with the lid off and you’ll enjoy the bright aroma every time you wash your hands. 



LUXE Cube Sugar Stick:

 What it is?  All natural sugar cubes blended with peach, strawberry, or lemon. Handmade in the US and woman owned.

Pro Tip- Pop one of these in your champagne for an instant flavor upgrade. Cheers!

Teaspressa | PEACH Sugar Stick