How to Actually Enjoy the Extra Down Time Before Bed

In this new era of Covid-19 and social distancing it seems like every night is “Girls Night In.” We have fallen into routines of monotony concluding with Netflix in bed every night. You may be thriving with all this extra down time – catching up on the newest binge worthy shows, learning to make something in the kitchen, or just taking some well deserved “me time” and that’s great! But, maybe you are getting really tired of the same routine day in and day out – working (it may be from home, but it is still work!), eating and then just “hanging out” until it’s time to get to sleep and do it all again the next day. Maybe you’re a little bit of both? No matter what your experience has been, we have some fool proof ways to make little changes in your night time routine that will add a little extra something to your day!  

There are countless articles out there showing how even the smallest changes in your daily life can make a huge impact in your general state of being (peep these articles from Forbes and LifeHack if you’re interested). This applies now more than ever! Many of us have the extra time to make little changes now, but have no idea where to even start, so let us help you out! Whether you are loving the excess Netflix time or you’re dreading it, there is a way to spice up your endless “Me Time” in two easy steps. 

* I will be suggesting products we carry here at Hawkins & Clover not because I am biased (Okay, maybe a little bit), but because I genuinely believe that they are great products that can make your life a little more enjoyable! However, I am sure there are other comparable products out there that will work just fine for you. In the end, this about what is best for YOU!

1. The Nightly Cleanse

After a long day of working, trying a million new recipes or even Netflix binging, it is important to “wash the day off” as my Momma would say.  I don’t know about you, but there is just something about washing my face after a long day that makes me feel so much better. Also, if you’re not washing your face before bed, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I mean this in the kindest way possible, but seriously, get yourself together and wash and moisturize your face before you go to bed. And really, it doesn’t have to be an elaborate routine like the ones you see on Insta or Pinterest, just wash your face! You’ll thank me later.

Now, if you are the definition of basic like I was, you just throw your hair in a pony and get to cleansing.  I wouldn’t take my makeup off first or anything, I just did it all in one fell swoop of the washcloth.. UNTIL I found out about microfiber cleansing towels. Originally, I bought one for pretty cheap just to give it a try because how on earth could a single towel take off all my makeup with just water? But ya’ll it worked and I couldn’t believe it. That towel even took off my waterproof mascara without any scrubbing! Is it witchcraft? Maybe.. But who cares? It works.

Since my virginal microfiber makeup removal experience I have upgraded to the Kitsch Gentle Cleansing Microfiber Towel and it is just as magical (but I do have to admit, it holds up a bit better in the wash than my cheap starter towel). I highly recommend adding this step  to your routine because not only is the microfiber far more gentle on your skin than an ordinary washcloth, but once all your makeup is gone your cleansing step will be so much more effective! 

So maybe you are a night time shower person and just wash your face in the shower. That’s great! (I still recommend taking your makeup off first, for obvious reasons) But let’s step that night time cleanse/shower up just a little bit more and treat your hair to some of that microfiber magic with Kitsch’s Quick Drying Microfiber Hair Towels. These towels are not only adorable but they are so great for your hair. The microfiber is just as gentle on your hair as it is on your skin and will help reduce frizz and leave your hair nice and soft in a way that a normal towel just can’t. The Kitsch towel will accommodate all hair types and lengths so don’t you worry about that, just hop out of the shower, throw your hair up and leave the rest to the towel. 

Okay, you’re all clean, now what? 

2. Get Ready for the Best Sleep Ever 

Now it’s time to really relax and unwind. Unwinding can be done in a million different ways. When I close my eyes and think about “unwinding” I picture myself snuggled up in a cozy blanket, a book in one hand, freshly brewed tea in the other and my fur baby curled up on my lap. Whatever “unwinding” means to you, you can enhance that experience with something as simple as a good drink or a yummy snack. In this instance, I recommend one of our Beauty Bar Chocolates, specifically the Sweet Dreams Bar. Vegan, gluten and dairy free, these chocolates are infused with collagen and adaptogens to really add that “something extra” to your beauty routine, plus it’s sugar free so it won’t keep you up! Whether you’re watching Netflix or reading a good book Beauty Bar Chocolate is the perfect companion for unwinding. 

Now that you’re clean and relaxed it’s time to turn off the TV or put down that book, right?

There’s no better feeling than being clean and crawling in between some clean sheets. But, we’re here to elevate that experience and doing that is so simple. Just trade your normal pillowcases for a satin case and add a satin eye mask for the most luxurious nights sleep you’ve had during all of this! Much like microfiber, Satin is ultra gentle on your skin and your hair. Switching to a Satin pillowcase will not only help reduce frizz but it will also prevent breakage in your hair no matter how much you move at night. Satin also helps prevent acne! So it’s pretty much a win win. Plus, the satin eye mask is kind to your sensitive skin and gentle on your lashes and brows. Like any other things on this list, our favorite pillowcases and eye masks are from Kitsch because they are simple, cute and you have lots of options to mix and match. You can check out our selection here

Now, get to it. 

See? Those were some super simple and surprisingly easy changes, right? Now, I am not saying these changes will completely transform your life or anything, but they are tiny details that just make your everyday experience just a little more enjoyable. I am a firm believer in the idea that when you sleep better, you feel better. So, add a little pizzazz to your routine, get a good night’s sleep and have an even better day!


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