How to Break up with Your Hairdresser

As hairdressers we know that every time we get a new client, that means another hairdresser lost one. The etiquette around this transition can be tough, and most the time we just ignore it! I recently had a new guest feeling quite guilty over ghosting her old hairdresser so I decided to write about it. 


Things to Consider:


-How long have you been seeing the previous hairdresser?

-Are you connected on social media?

-Do you have overlapping social circles? 

-Why are you leaving? 


Top 4 Reasons for Leaving: 





-Personality conflict 


What you can do:


-Ghost them

-Tell them in person

-Write them a note

-Join witness protection 


If this, then that: 


The way you end a relationship says just as much about you as it does the person you’re leaving. Make sure you handle it in a way that makes you feel good about it, and also respects the hairdresser.

-If you’re moving, then tell them in person with as much notice as you’re able. You’ll surely be missed and your hairdresser will want to know so they can wish you well. 

-If you’ve had a budget change, then tell them in person or via a note that you’re unable to continue receiving their services. This is thoughtful as it let’s the hairdresser know it isn’t personal and keeps the door open for you to return.

-If you like them as a person but just haven’t been happy with your hair, then talk it out with them! If you have a long standing relationship with someone it is worth discussing your frustrations and giving them a chance to change the direction of your look. If you’ve already done this and you’ve made up your mind, then write them a note. Here is an example of how to politely breakup- “Shannon, this is a difficult note for me to write but it was important to me to be honest with you as I respect you and appreciate the work we have done together. I have thought a lot about this and I want to try a different stylist/salon for my next hair appointment. I hope you understand, and wish you continued success.”

-If a personal conflict arises but you’ve been happy with your services prior, then write them a note and explain why you won’t be coming back. An example of this would be, “Shannon, it may not come as a surprise that after you entered my emotional support peacock in the State Fair without my permission that I am no longer comfortable continuing to see you for my services. I’ve always enjoyed your haircuts and it is unfortunate that this has occurred. It was still important to me to be transparent with you. Best of luck”.


At the end of the day, trust your gut. You know if you have the type of relationship that requires a breakup or not. Be the bigger person, and treat them the way you’d want to be treated if the roles were reversed. Every time someone is honest and direct it allows the recipient of this information the opportunity to grow, as it does for you as well!