Eco-friendly H&C

It’s Earth Day and we are so excited! We truly believe that everyone and everything plays a part when it comes to helping our planet, including small businesses. With that in mind, we wanted to share the ways that H&C is prioritizing sustainability through the products we carry and the practices we incorporate in our day to day operations.  


When it comes to the products that we carry here at H&C we look for brands and creators who prioritize sustainable and eco-friendly practices in their own businesses and the production of their products. Here are some of our favorite brands and their products doing just that!

Boon Supply : Mesh Market Tote

This woven cotton market bag is handmade in California by woman owned brand Boon Supply. The extra wide straps allow you to pack it full of all your favorite produce. Did you know most of the plastic produce bags you find at the grocery store aren’t recyclable or biodegradable? Switching to bringing your own is one of the easiest ways to make a difference in your grocery routine. Added bonus? You’re almost guaranteed to get a compliment every time you use it. 

Kitsch : Eco-friendly Line

We already loved Kitsch but when they added their eco-friendly range, we were smitten. This line of  products features natural bamboo and organic cotton. Their reusable cotton face rounds are amazing for use with makeup remover, toner, micellar water etc. If you’re not aware of how awful the cotton industry is on the environment, you should take a peek at our blog about it. In addition to cotton rounds, Kitsch’s eco-friendly line features towel scrunchies, spa headbands and a hair towel

Hali Hali : Reusable Straw and Cutlery Sets


How many plastic delivery utensils have you sent to landfills in your lifetime? It’s ok, I don’t want to think about it either. Our Hali Hali reusable straw and cutlery sets have been a game changer for cutting back on single use plastic utensils. I keep the cutlery set in my car and if I’m ever getting fast food or on a road trip I know I can reach for that and save some plastic! The straw set is great too- the metal feels cool and refreshing and it even comes with a little brush for cleaning. 

W&P : Porter Bowls


Not only are these bowls some of our favorite things, but they are Oprah approved too! Upgrade your lunch time with our ceramic bowl and seal tight bowl. These reusable options are great ways to safely transport your lunch to and fro all while minding the environment. I love using the seal tight bowl for overnight oats and the ceramic bowl for seasonal salads. Pair this with your Hali Hali cutlery set and your carbon footprint is close to zilch!

Seedlings : Cards, Cards & More Cards


Based in Massachusetts and handmade in the US, Seedlings is a quirky little company that makes unique, handmade and eco-friendly cards for every occasion imaginable. The best part is that each card features a plantable seed paper envelope which is embedded with non-invasive wildflower seeds. When planted, the envelopes compost away leaving only flowers behind. 


While we adore our sustainable brands and products, we also know that we have to do our part at the shop to do what’s best for the environment. We try our best to be sustainable and eco-friendly in the shop by:

-Carrying sustainable and mindful brands

-Repurposing packing material when possible

-Recycling packaging that can’t be repurposed 

-Using ChaRM for hard to recycle materials 

Now What?

We hope you can take some of these tips and let them inspire your daily eco friendly practices. If we all make small and mindful changes to our routines it will yield a big impact on the environment. Sometimes it can feel hopeless but at the very least it feels good to know you’re doing what you can to do your part in a society we are all living in together.

Happy Earth Day 🌎