6 Sneaky Ways to Get Your Best Haircut Ever


Maybe you’ve just found a hairdresser you click with or maybe you’ve found your soul stylist and have been happy for years. Either way, did you know there are lots of little things that yield big differences in your haircut? We crowd sourced a list of real talk from Atlanta’s top stylists on the topic below. 


Arrive on time, or even better, a little early. 

Starting any service calm and relaxed makes for a better connection with your stylist during your consultation. A haircut should be a wonderful moment of self care, and you deserve to get the most out of it. Get there early, unwind, and reflect about your intentions and goals for the service you’re about to receive. If you do happen to be running late, it’s always courteous to communicate this to your stylist. 


Dress the part.

Depending on the type of haircut you’re getting, your outfit and jewelry choices could impact your stylist. Turtlenecks, cowl necks, hoodies, scarves, collars, chunky necklaces and dangly earrings can all get in the way of that power bob you’ve been wanting. Your stylist may ask you to slip into a robe and remove said items if necessary. 


Put your electronics on snooze.

Phones can be such a big distraction during a salon visit. Constantly reaching for your phone during a haircut changes your head position which isn’t ideal, especially for a precision haircut. Unless you’re expecting an emergency call, treat yourself to a distraction free visit and let the other salon guests have the same experience. Nothing ruins a good shampoo like hearing the conga coming from another client’s phone!


Fly solo.

Salon visits are so personal and such an important place to recharge and unwind, for both you and the people around you. We can’t recommend enough that you leave your kid, boyfriend, bestie or emotional support peacock at home and let your appointment truly be all about you. Distractions and feeling rushed don’t set the stage for the salon experience you deserve. 


Arrive with styled hair.

Hear us out….Most of the time if you come with a 3 day old top knot it’s “knot” the end of the world. We totally get the temptation to skip styling the day of your appointment since you know we are just going to turn around and redo it. That being said if there’s a particular section that’s “been doing this weird thing”, its super helpful for us to see that weird thing when it’s actually happening. If this isn’t doable, try taking pictures of the area you’re having troubles with so you can show your stylist. 


Hold still.

We saved the most important for last! Nothing directly impacts your haircut more than your ability to hold still during the process. Do your absolute best to stay zen and keep your head in the position your stylist has directed it. If you need to sneeze, take a sip of wine, itch your ear or anything else, communicate this to your stylist first. The difference of an extra 5 degree head tilt may seem like nothing, but can totally change the line of a haircut. This is most imperative during precision cuts but always plays a role in the final result.