2020 Gift Guide


The Holidays are basically HERE!

Below we’ve composed a not-so-basic 2020 gift guide.


Best gift for the skincare obsessed:

Hit them with the combo gift! 

-A derma roller: encourages cellular turnover and collagen production. 

-A quartz roller: assists with lymphatic drainage and de-puffing tired skin. 

-Reusable facial cloths: eco friendly alternative to cotton rounds and feel oh so good. 

Why it’s awesome? – This gift supports the existing skincare routine of your favorite skin junkie. Help them get the best out our their existing product regimen. 


Best for the friend who said no gifts:

Our Anecdote 2020 candle. Smells like WTF and WFH. Who wouldn’t want a chance to light this year on fire? 


Best for the hostess you cancelled on because you don’t want to risk spreading or receiving Covid:

Withco Sweater Weather. This all natural and handmade cocktail mixer is only missing a splash of their favorite bourbon and some ice. 


Best for your local stress case: 

Slow North eye mask and neck pillow. Bust stress, tension and headaches with this tried and true tag team. They can be micorwaved or placed in the freezer to help even the most exhausted human feel a little calmer. 

*Find this print at our Avalon Holiday Market location 


Best for your favorite plant killer: 

A terrarium! These are self sustained eco systems that require essentially no work. Add some green to their desk while they work from home for the foreseeable future. 

*Not available online 


Best splurge:


Improve the length, strength and look of lashes with this rockstar product. Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist approved, this serum is a heavy hitter. 


Best for your favorite caffeine addict: 

A handmade French press. Not only do these yield a bomb cup of coffee but they look great on your counter when not in use. 


No matter what you do this holiday season we wish you the best and hope you have a healthy and happy end to this wild ride of a year.